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Engineering Trades

1. Electrician: The training aims at producing a general-purpose technician with skills in Domestic Wiring, Motor Winding and Transformer Winding etc. The training also provides useful knowledge of Electrical Gadgets, Electronic Circuits and other Home Appliances.

2. Electronic Mechanic: It is aimed to produce a technician with knowledge of Electronic Components and Circuits, able to identify defects and repair/maintain popular Electronic Equipment like TV, VCR, radio, Stereo, Digital telephones etc. He/She is also provided with Knowledge of Digital Electronics and Electronic Alarming Systems.

3. Turner: The trainee is trained in Lathe Machine Operations like Facing, Turning, Threading, Drilling, Boring and Reaming. Besides, he is trained in Gear Cutting etc. There is a lot of job potential for such skilled workers in heavy & medium industry besides for self-employment.

4. Instrument Mechanic: It deals with working and operation of different types of Instruments used in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Chemical industries and in day-to-day Applications. The trainee receives an insight of the various types of Testing and Safety devices and has a wide scope for employment.

5. Motor Mechanic: The Training aims at producing a fully skilled motor vehicle mechanic who can Independently undertake all types of Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing of Vehicles and Motors etc. There is a tremendous scope for self-employment.

6. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA): Qualifies a candidate to work as a middle level Computer professional. Concepts of Both Hardware and Software are given in the training. The trainees become conversant with Operating Systems like DOS, Windows and UNIX. Language Programming as d-Base and C/C++ is done and knowledge is also imparted about Internet and its scope.

7. Carpenter: The training aims at cultivating such skills in a 'not-so-well-read candidate' as could help him in making an honorable living in the society. He learns making Furniture items besides working as a general purpose Carpenter. There is a lot of demand for such skilled workers locally and abroad.

8. Mason: The purpose of the training is producing a modern day skilled worker for House/building constructions. The candidate is acquainted with the basic technology of Building Making such that he can as well oversee Civil Constructions in the course of his career in an Engineering Department.

9. Welder: The candidate is trained in both Gas and Arc welding and is also familiarized with the modern Welding and Allied Equipment such that he is able to undertake all types of Welding even in a demanding situations. The training can open a lot of job opportunities for the candidate in the industrial sector, besides enabling him to go in for profitable self-employment.

10. Plumber: A candidate is trained to be able to work as a Domestic/ Commercial Plumber. There are a lot of job opportunities for a good plumber in all sectors including self-employment.

11. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration: Training in the Trade aims at transforming the candidate into a complete Air Conditioning Mechanic, able to repair Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Car AC's Etc. The job has a tremendous potential for self-employment, as there is an acute dearth of such facilities even in the major towns of the State.

12. Diesel Mechanic: The main purpose of the training is to produce skilled mechanics to repair all types of Heat Engines and calibration of Fuel Injections Pumps. Knowledge of the repairs Heavy Diesel Vehicles like trucks etc is also imparted. There is a tremendous scope for employment in the marine industries and also for self-employment.

13. Tractor Mechanic: The candidate is trained in repairs of Internal Combustion Engines, Hydraulic Drafts, Lifts and is also acquainted with ploughing of agricultural fields. There is a tremendous scope for self-employment.

14. Painter (General): Training is provided in all types of painting works like painting of Sign Boards of Different styles, Household Painting and Art Painting like making of portraits etc. There is a lot of scope for self-employment and employment in army, police etc.

15. Mechanic (Radio & TV): Exclusive training in the maintenance and repairs of electronic equipment like Radios and Televisions is provided in the Trade. There is good scope for self-employment

16. Machinist: he candidate is trained in machining works like milling, grinding etc. A new dimension has been added to the trade by the introduction of CNC machining which opens the job-gate for a candidate in all the advanced countries and in hi-tech Industries within the country.

17. Fitter: The training aims at training a candidate in being able to assemble simple machine parts and accessories, repair of broken gear teeth, make simple drilling jogs and erect machines etc. There is scope for self-employment as a mechanic and employment in medium and heavy industry.

18. Information Technology & Electronics Systems Maintenance: After undergoing the training, the candidate shall be able to maintain & repair
Electronic equipments, common electronic and electrical gadgets, general office Equipment and Personal Computers etc.

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