How to Bet on the Olympics

The most coveted international multi-sporting event is undoubtedly the Olympic games. Sportspersons from different parts of the world gather to compete against each other at the venue, and they put up a show worth watching. The events are switched between the summer and winter seasons to be hosted every two years. More than 200 countries compete at the Olympics to take home the highest number of accolades. Athletes represent their nation to bring more pride to the country’s sporting spirit. Hundreds of thousands of viewers are seated at the stadiums or home, watching the games on their television.

Not all of them may be invested in these games more than they think is necessary, meaning such events are mere entertainment. However, some people take this fun to the next level by putting money into the events, hoping to make double the bet. These wagers may not always be driven by the love for one’s country. If you are also excited about betting on the next Olympic events, here is a short guide on how to bet on the next season.

Olympics Futures Odds


As soon as the flame to the next Olympic event is lit, the bets are likely to pour in at the sportsbooks. Most of the reputable sportsbooks will start publishing futures betting options for the 16-day event. Of all the aspects covered in this, it is betting on the medal count that stands out since it is searched for the most during that period. In advance of the start of the games, the odds on which country is likely to win the highest number of gold medals will be published. Futures odds of all the countries will be accompanied by the Olympics total wagers, which primarily focus on the number of gold medals every participating country will win. If you choose to bet with the totals, a specific country can be wagered on in the hope it will win OVER or UNDER the total number of gold medals.

Betting Lines for Olympic Sports

If you are new to betting on Olympic sports, the only new aspect would be the sport itself and not the bets. Most wagers offered by the bookmakers are similar to the ones available for the other major sporting events. The betting lines will follow the same pattern as in soccer and basketball. Points spread, totals betting, three-way betting, and Moneyline wagering are the most common betting options. For those who are not familiar with other sports, all the available options would be ideal if chosen for any individual sport. Futures betting is for the punters who want to bet on the winner of each individual and combined event.

Prepare for the Bets

There is nothing as effective as preparation when you bet on sports. You can make a difference with the sports bets when you do some research regarding the performance of every country involved in the current tournament. Gaining a better position in the game is possible when you have a basic idea of the working of the games.

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