Quick Introduction to Football Betting for Beginners

Football is inarguably the biggest and most loved sport in the world and has a cult-like following for the clubs. It also has the biggest betting market, with players placing their wagers on teams from around the world. There are thousands of platforms online that offer football betting today. This guide gives you a quick introduction to football betting to help you explore the platforms and types of bets with ease.


A brief introduction

The odds for the bets are decided by the bookmakers who host the sportsbooks. An odd is the ratio between the stake and winnings on any given outcome if you place a bet on it. The odds are shown in fractions or decimals (5/1 or 5.00). It means that you will win 5 for placing a bet for 1.

How does football betting work

Thousands of football matches take place every week around the world. The bookmakers keep track of all the matches and provide odds on the outcomes of the matches and the events that can take place within the match, including the goals scored by specific players, yellow and red cards, corners won, etc.

The odds given by the bookmakers can differ, and you can find some special offers with some of the bookmakers. Once you place a wager and the outcome comes positive, you will be rewarded based on the odds on that wager. Here are some popular types of bets in football.

Match Bet

A match bet allows you to bet on the final outcome of the game. You can bet on your favorite team or the underdog and decide whether the match will end in a win or draw. The bets are paid after 90 minutes when the game is complete.

Bet Builder

Bet Builder is a new and trending bet that is also called the same game multis. This bet accommodates multiple outcomes in the same match in a single bet. A number of events need to take place to win this bet. It makes it a bit unachievable, but the pros can pick the right bets for their bet builder and win.

Player Props

Also known as Player Stats, it is a bet placed on the goalscoring and cards booked in a match. You can bet on how many shots a player will take, the number of goals he/she will score, shots on target, the first or last one to score, and more. You need to be cautious in placing such bets according to the stats and health of the player.


Half time/Full time

You can also bet on half-time and full time separately. If your team is winning in the first half but starts losing in the second half, you can dilute your losses by placing separate bets for both halves. If your favorite player gets injured in the first half, you can switch your bet for the second with this bet.

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